Students learn basic ballroom dances including the Merengue, Waltz, and Swing.  

Welcome to the Chestnut Hill Dancing School.   For over 100 years, we've offered the children of our community etiquette and ballroom dance lessons.  We’re honored and thrilled to educate the next generation on its tradition and legacy.



Registration opens on October 14, 2019 for the January 2020 program.  All children in grades 3rd to 6th are welcome to attend. We accept approximately 60 children per session (30 girls and 30 boys).  Places are filled in order of response.  No refunds will be provided if your child withdrawals after December 1, 2019.


Students practice greetings with proper eye-contact, social media etiquette, table manners, and using please and thank you.  We'll also discuss how to be a good host/guest and how to behave at a sleep-over.