The Chestnut Hill Dancing School has been a neighborhood tradition for over 100 years. The overall goal of the program is to encourage the children in our community to be more socially confident by learning classic ballroom dances and etiquette.  This year, we’ll teach the Meringue, Waltz, and Swing to all students.  Dancing with a partner is a fun way for children to become more confident and comfortable through movement. From an etiquette perspective, here are some of the topics we plan on discussing. 

Kindness & common courtesy - greetings, first impressions, and eye contact

Everyday manners – please and thank you

Social media - phone etiquette and Internet safety

Table manners – from family diners to dining out

We’re accepting approximately 60 students for each of the sessions.  Tuition is $200 per student. Places will be filled in order of response and we’ll monitor the classroom ratios. As a result, we may not be able to accept all applications.  In addition, if your child withdraws from class after August 1, 2023, no refund will be provided.   Funds collected from late withdrawals will be used to provide tuition support for students in need.

We're looking forward to the 2023 season of the Chestnut Hill Dancing School and hope that your child will attend.

Thank you,

Mrs. Detweiler, Mrs. Salmon, Mr. Flaco and the Dancing School Committee

2023 Dancing School Committee Members

Susan Stewart

Jess Hayne

Evan Pruitt

Katharine Hager

Bridget Bradenham

Leah Katz